Business Social Media Services

Business Social Media Services in Portland Plus

Is Your Business Taking Part in the Social Media Revolution?

Here is how we can help you do just that…


Social Media Strategy Consultation and Planning

We work with a majority of our clients website design and internet marketing clients on their social media plans, strategy and execution.  If you already have a website but have not yet mapped out the approach you are going to take on social media, this is a good time to do it as the opportunity is tremendous. Social media represents word of mouth advertising amplified digitally.  Read more about our Social Media Strategy Consultation & Planning.


Professionally Customized Social Media Account Setup

We set up Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & YouTube on a regular basis for the majority of clients that we build websites for, as it is a natural extension of their brand.  Read more here about our Professionally Customized Social Media Account Setup.


Automated Social Business Content Strategy Implementation

Any company that got built their website with us also very likely has their social media accounts already set up.  The next step is implementing a content distribution strategy to create a conversation about the topics around your business that people are interested in.  Answering questions & posting relevant information are the obvious basic strategies – but how do you get it distributed?  This is the methodology to leverage your content through our Automated Social Business Content Strategy Implementation.