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Our Experts Keep Your Website and Customer Data Secure

Hosting Security

Our website hosting is designed to keep your site up and running safely, without downtime or breaches to your security.   Advanced firewall protection allows your website to operate smoothly, while blocking out threats and keeping your company and customer data secure. Regular security scans keep your website protected from harmful malware and ensure that any vulnerable points are reinforced swiftly.

Website Security

Our website management comes packed with safeguards to keep your data secure.  We make sure that no one can use your website for malicious purposes.  Complex passwords prevent even computerized programs from slipping through, and automatic updates for your plugins and Content Management System help keep your website invulnerable.

IT Security

Our Information Technology experts are constantly working to keep all of your online systems protected and secure, including your internal computer networks.  With everything connected to the internet nowadays, any device with the ability to get online is potentially at risk. Thankfully we have the tools to keep all of your networks protected from these possible threats.

NWeSource Website Security

Professional Website Security

When you are dreaming about your growing business and your exciting new website, security for that website is likely the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, website security is more important now than ever. As hard as you are working to build your business, hackers are working just as hard. And contrary to what you see in movies, modern day hackers aren’t sitting at home, hunched over a keyboard, guessing passwords one by one. The latest hacking programs are set to run 24/7, scanning websites for weaknesses and working at passwords nonstop. You may not even realize that your site has been compromised, as hackers can insert invisible bits of code or malware to quietly wreak havoc.

It takes expert security to protect the confidential data sent, received and hosted by your website. Financial company and high-profile websites are most prone but the truth is, every website is at some risk of attack. We work hard to keep you protected with scheduled scans and updates, latest security software and patches. We work hard to prevent, detect and repair breaches and infections.

Website, Network and Data Protection

You take pride in your business, and that is reflected in your website. Unfortunately, the same website that you use to draw in new customers could also be drawing in malicious attacks and attempts to steal your confidential information, and your customers’ information. Sometimes data will be stolen directly from your network. Other times, attackers will insert malware into your site, which will go on to infect your visitors’ own computers. A successful attack will obviously be devastating to you. It can also destroy your brand and damage your trusted reputation with customers.

You would never leave the doors to your business unlocked and unprotected overnight, so don’t leave your online business available to hackers! We will keep your website, personal and customer data protected day and night. The latest security software, scheduled scans and automatic updates let you focus on running your business while we are busy behind the scenes, making sure that your hard work remains secure.

Website Security, CMS Security, Plugins Security

Advanced Password Requirements

With large-scale hacks and private information leaks making the news, it can be hard to feel comfortable submitting personal info anywhere online. We understand that fear and are constantly working to achieve exceptional security. We provide secure server options and instate complex password requirements that are unlikely to be guessed or cracked, even by automated hacking software.

Automatic Plugin & CMS Updates

Plugins are add-on applications that enhance your Content Management System (CMS) with extra features. Plugins can add tremendous value, but can also leave you open to security issues if not kept up to date. Older releases can cause problems, some of which may compromise data safety. Our CMS and plugins update automatically, keeping your website bug-free and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Scheduled Security Scans

While high-profile and financial websites are the biggest targets, any website can be at risk for a security breach. The same features that make a good website are often the weak points when it comes to keeping data safe. More interaction with visitors – customer logins, or even simple contact forms – results in more potential access points for hackers. Regular security scans pick up on dangerous bits of code – whether placed intentionally or just poorly written – and alert us to any new security risks, including problems with plugins or other third-party applications.

Hosted Firewall Protection

Firewalls are a key element in website security, monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic and determining access to your network. Hackers typically find and exploit insecure code as a way in, at which point they can steal your customer information or even use your website to install malware on your visitors’ computers. Implanted malware can get your site blacklisted by Google and harm your brand’s reputation. A good firewall successfully blocks malicious requests without compromising your website’s usability for honest visitors.

Let Us Fix Your Security

We can help protect your website, whether it’s brand new or has been around awhile. We can also help if your website security is already in crisis. We will analyze your hosting and accounts for potential security risks, update all aspects of your website, and repair any existing security breaches or infections.