The Latest on SEO

This page will be dedicated to highlighting the best & most recent information in the world of SEO – an enterprise barely allowed by Google at all now… Manipulating ranks is strictly forbidden, so any effort you put into optimizing your website for search should strictly be from the point of assisting your visitors find the information they are looking for… with that in mind, here it is:

Local SEO Developments

Keep in mind that this information can be outdated in milliseconds, so we make no claim to accuracy – but as we work to keep up, we will also aim to keep you up to date.

Google’s Rules on Reviews –!category-topic/business/HjNuoboBL1A

Syncing Google+ and Google+ Local –

Yelp Reviews Matter, Especially on iPhones –

National SEO – The Broader Reach

More coming soon…

This is a great breakdown on Old School vs New School SEO –