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Fully Managed IT Services

Remote management and automated updating, among other streamlining technologies, have lowered the costs for company IT departments, but to do it all in house still requires a 3 man force at best – and three salaries for competent individuals can easily run north of 200k. One big concern with those three salaries is that all three people will be very busy for a good portion of the time, but in many other significant blocks of time they will be at far less than 100% operating efficiency. That is where the scalability and services on demand models are great for both reducing costs, and also for leveling out costs and keeping them in a predetermined position.

Our End to End, Fully Managed IT Services include consulting, solutions engineering, project management & onsite implementation, quarterly reviews and annual audits – this on top of us keeping EVERYTHING running smoothly the entire time. All of the services on this page are included in our Fully Managed IT Services.

Help Desk Technical Support

Help Desk Technical Support is the art of helping you where you are with whatever you are having problems with – and we can do that.  With a boots-on-the ground national presence we can literally help you wherever you are.

With remote control technology being easier than ever before we can also usually help you, right now, without even asking you to get up. Studies have shown that if even one person on your team is less productive because of computer issues, the entire team can be drug down as a consequence.

Don’t be stuck in the mud with any particular issue.  Enterprise, Small Business or Home Users – call now!

Disaster Recovery Backup Planning & Implementation

Your business absolutely depends on the continuity of data throughput – without it all may be lost.  Literally half of all companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss go completely out of business.

Even the one companies that recover after a data loss, take on average 2 years to get revenue and continuity back to pre-loss levels.  Protecting your data is so imperative, we aren’t afraid to say that if you don’t have a backup & data recovery solution in place you are foolish.

Luckily for you and all of us, the software and hardware levels of redundancy make implementation simpler than years before and far more fault tolerant.  The best process is to eliminate single points of failure and replace them with triple redundancy – which is what we do.  Never lose your data – plan your disaster recovery now.

  • Three Tiered Solution
  • Triple Redundance
  • Local, Offsite Vaulted Physical (once a month) & Cloud

Network & Computer Infrastructure


For everyone in business these days, your network & computer infrastructure are the elements that keep your operations running smoothly.  Without fast computer and network operation throughout your company, the team will be frustrated and ineffective.

Diagnosing issues, removing “noise” from the network, upgrading infrastructure and implementing new hardware are a few of the things we do best.  Certified nearly every way possible (Microsoft, Cisco, VMWare & more), our team is ready to help your team do their thing!

    • Networks & Servers
    • Upgrades & New Installs
    • Ongoing Management & Monitoring
    • Environment Optimization
    • Business continuity

Computer Repairs

When computers go down completely, we are here to bring them back to life!

After repairing a system and recovering the data, that is also a great time to do all of the things that should have been done previously. First we would update Windows & drivers.We call it our Bulletproof Software Stack and it includes imaging the software (an operating system snapshot), backing the core data up externally and to the cloud, installing and configuring security and anti-virus software – then configuring our utilities to be automated into the future.

A software image is taken, so that in the event of a future issue (hardware or software) the system can be restored to that very time, just like a restore CD that comes with new major brand PC’s – that alone is worth whatever the repair cost because it ensures you have a solid restore point to bring the computer back to at any time.

The time of repair is also the perfect time to upgrade your memory & swap in a new Solid State Drive – which will literally make your computer feel brand new, reduce the boot time and greatly increase your productivity.

The world won’t wait for you – don’t get stuck waiting for your computer.  Also don’t lose your data.  If you’re not sufficiently backed up at this point, you are just waiting for a catastrophe.  We can help repair your computer if this happens, but the smart move is to get a hold of us now for our planning, pain  prevention & management services.

Computer Sales

Tired of slow computers?

Get with it!

We never put up with a slow computer because we simply don’t have to.  Hardware has matured rapidly, recently and nearly all of the moving parts have been eliminated from computers – which almost everything is literally moving at the speed of light!

Solid State Hard drives are the most recent innovation in that arena and are literally have 100x faster access times (.1 Millisecond vs 10 Milliseconds) than their platter and laser counterparts.  If you can still hear your hard drive you are missing out.  Windows 7 is also the most stable and bug-free platform Microsoft has created to date.  Windows Vista & XP are archaic dinosaurs in comparison & less secure – if you are still using either of those please contact us immediately.

The computers we build are the best machines money can buy within reason.

We use with Quad Core Intel CPU’s running approximately 4GHZ, 16GB’s of DDr3, Solid State Disk for the OS, and a Large Capacity Drive for Data Storage.

Our computers are also come with our bulletproof software stack, which includes automated cloud and local backups, automated image snapshots and our automated remote support.  Purchasing desktop computers from us will be the best hardware decision you ever make.