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A great website is nothing without great photos. Even then they can’t be just anybody’s great photos – they must be yours.

Only pictures of you, your team, your products, your office and your actual events will convey the feeling and emotion of your experience – and that’s what people want.

They can choose to do business with anyone, but what they are looking for is the company or team that will connect with them on a personal level – and that is what makes life great.

Let your company, your staff and the beauty of what you do come to life with professional photography by the team at NWeSource.

Business, Events & Wedding Photography Services

We have multiple photographers on our team, and everyone has their own specialty.  The thing they have in common is that each of them are able to capture the magic of life in their own unique ways.  At the same time, we work hard to make sure that we work with a best practices methodology in mind – so that our output is always awesome and you can count on getting the shots you would expect to come in a package.

Once the photos are taken, then we begin the process of integrating them into your flyers, website, social media and more – where the power of your photos will pull people into witness and be a part of the magic of your universe – well, our universe.

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CorpStyle Photography in Action!

Here is an example photo shoot for a client across the river in Vancouver.  A fantastic lawyer, a gentlemen, and a scholar, the photos brought his real-life charisma, honesty and intelligence into plain visibility. We think even for those that don’t know him, on first glance it is clear that his practice is backed with powerful personal presence.


Also check out how the images were used to make their website very powerful.