Basic WordPress Websites

Superior Prototypes – $1,499

Our superior prototype basic WordPress website platforms are very powerful setups for businesses whose primary concern is price.  Additionally the ability to expand on and improve them in the future is a strong consideration – these are excellent platforms to start with for young businesses.  Like all websites we create, yours will be built in WordPress and maintain the same ability to edit, upgrade and extend using our recommended list of plugins.  WordPress is superior for SEO as well, and each of our three prototype options come with the feature set you need to rank well built in or you can use the industry leading WordPress SEO plugin.  If you are looking for a starter website, this is probably the best way to go.

We have three options for creating extremely powerful and reasonably attractive websites.  All three have relatively similar potential, but their differences are described below.  Our Great Business Website Formula discusses in detail what we recommend for a business website and a few are covered by this website implementation, and all can be built in later as this platform is easily expandable and will allow for significant further customization.

Our Basic WordPress Websites Include:

Our basic WordPress websites include the following and more:

  • Text Title or Logo Placement
  • Header Contact Information (Phone, Email, Address)
  • 7 Pages – Home, About Us, Services, Photos, Blog & Contact Us *
  • Contact Page with an Editable Contact Form

Basic WordPress Website

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Basic WordPress Theme Website Types to Choose From:

We have three types of basic WordPress theme website types to choose from if you want to read more.  We are happy to go over your options on the phone as well and help you select the best option for your situation.
* Content development is not included, but we are happy to help!

NWeSource Simple Theme

Our in-house theme, NWeSource Simple Business WordPress Theme was created to solve all of the concerns we had when looking for a base theme to work with.  We weren’t able to find a perfect business solution because theme designs in are all over the board, ranging from outrageous to being too “theme-like.” What we needed was something that could be customized easily for our business designs – so we had to make our own.

  • Shadowed Sheet
  • Custom Gradient for Navigation
  • Dropdown Menu Included
  • Custom Gradient Background
  • Basic Blog Layout

The Gateway Eco District is a NWeSource Simple WordPress Theme website.

Divi Theme

Divi is one of the very best drag & drop WordPress themes – something has recently become a bit more commonplace.  While not super easy to work with out of the box, experienced web experts can create powerful websites in short order and can be easily expanded later.  This WordPress theme platform is a great place to start  as it comes with an ability to create an unlimited number of page templates with little to no coding.  Some  Ultimatum Theme build features include:

  • Multiple Attractive Blog Layouts
  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Multi-Column Advanced Footers
  • Unlimited Template Creation

The Puloon USA website is built in Divi.

Premium Theme Customization

We have developer’s licenses with many premium WordPress theme authors, and there are many more are out there.  If you have a nice theme created by a quality author we can customize it for you with similar specs to what is seen above, conceding any limitations inherent to the theme itself.

Some developer sites you can investigate WordPress themes for us to customize include:

Ur Prob is a customized StudioPress theme with two articles so far.