Managed Google PPC Sponsored Advertising

Get seen for the keywords that make sense - get paid in dollars.

Adjustable Budget Starting at $550

Someone is looking for you, but are you there?  Now you can be within minutes.  Forgetting about blanketing millions of people and HOPING they hear you – this is the most direct form of advertising known to mankind.  When someone types in your keywords, in your location of choice – you are right there ready!

Targeted landing pages, conversion tracking, goal tracking and call tracking are the ROI measurement tools that allow us to report our results to you.  Google’s many built in internal logic features like Enhanced CPC and Conversion Optimizer along with our ability to split test both ads and landing pages help your account improve every month.

When you know which keywords are converting the best, then you can go after those organically also, making PPC a hugely valuable SEO tool.

NWeSource Managed Google PPC Sponsored Advertising Details:

  • Sponsored Links Advertising is the dead center top of Google for the keywords you choose
  • You pay a monthly price and we manage the pay per click auction
  • We position your ads in the top four positions on Google for the entire month
  • Setup can have your ads up within hours
  • Tuning and optimizing the campaign is ongoing
  • Proper keyword selection and management is paramount to success
  • Advanced strategies can include Targeted Landing Pages and Conversion Tracking
  • Call tracking, conversion tracking, & Goal Tracking configured for free on budgets over $1,000
  • 6 month commitment to reach your true potential

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