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Local Internet Marketing Analysis

Questionmark How is your competition using the web in their business?
Questionmark How many people are searching for you, the services you provide and for companies like yours?
Questionmark How much effort are your competitors putting into internet marketing?
Questionmark How difficult will it be to beat them?


A Smart Decision Starts with Being Informed

The Goal: Domination

If you aren’t yet familiar with NWeSource’s specialty, it is to get your company in a dominant position in your city for your niche. This means getting your company in front of the people who want to find you with a website that gets the job done. In order to do that, we need a great idea of what your competitors are doing and how much effort they are putting into internet marketing.

Internet Marketing Market Analysis

Would you step in a boxing ring without being able to take a look at your competitor?

Anyone under 6 feet 225lbs should say no, and if you are already the heavyweight in your industry then maybe you don’t need to, but successful professional athletes would all attribute success at least partially to preparedness. We feel the same applies to internet marketing.

Keyword Research

We figure out what keywords people use in their searches for your services and a company like yours.

The Basic Questions We Answer:

1. How many people are searching for the services your company offers?
2. How many people are searching for a company like yours?
3. How many people are searching for information in your area of expertise?
4. How many people are searching for your company specifically? You might be surprised.

Another extremely important question we answer:

1. How many people localize these searches by adding a city/state combination to these search terms?

Competitive Analysis

  • Discover how your competition is using the web in their
    business – eCommerce, Lead Generation, Forums or
    Chat, Social Media and more.
  • Find out what keywords they are targeting.
  • Find out which keywords they are utilizing in Sponsored
    Advertising campaigns.
  • Determine how much effort they have put into ranking on
    search engines organically.
    – SEO Analysis – How much effort have they put into
    their websites?
    – Inbound Link Analysis – How many inbound links to
    their site do they have?
  • Determine how much effort they have put into Local
    Business (Map) listings
  • Determine how difficult it will be to beat them.

Local Business Map Listing Analysis

  • What are the keywords that bring up map listings in your
    area of business?
  • Which searches you showing for? Which opportunities are you missing?
  • How much traffic can be expected to a first page local business map listing?
  • What is the state of your Google, Bing and Yahoo Map local business listing?
  • How steep is the competition in those listings?
  • Do you have profiles on the business directories that support local business map list-
    ings? How optimized are they?
  • Are your customers leaving you comments and testimonials?