NWeSource Client Support

Questions about your email or cpanel? Start here. Call 503-922-1446 with any additional questions.

Your Webmail:

For new customers we generally configure a minimum of 2 email accounts, info@ and [email protected]. To access your email use the following link with your actual domain and your email in the placeholders. The password will be sent in an email immediately following setup.

username: [email protected]
password: *******

When the website we build uses an [email protected] email address, which is 99% of the time, that email address is set to forward to your main email – so you will receive your leads and email from the website at your main email – and often that will be set to forward to the email you are already using (Comcast or Yahoo, etc).

We also very commonly use Google Apps & Gmail for Domains – where your email is hosted with Google.  It represents a best-of-breed solution we highly recommend.

Your cPanel Web Hosting

You may also want your cPanel login information which has many functions described here. This is the industry standard hosting interface that allows new email accounts, email forwarding, FTP access, software installation and database configuration, among other things.  If you would like to receive and save your cPanel login information, simply request it and we will send it promptly. That information is available at any time for any website we are hosting.

Recommended Desktop Software

Windows 7 – Rock solid and fast, Windows 7 is a desktop or laptop computer must have.

Office Suite – Open Office, Microsoft or any other clone is fine as long as you can open and view document and spreadsheet files (.doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx).

Recommended Web Based Applications

DropBox – We often use DropBox to share designs, content, logos and photo galleries. When you put a file in the folder it automatically downloads to your project manager’s computer as well. Not only is it backed up in the cloud, but it is available to everyone who needs it.