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3 Core Components of SEO That Will Never Change

If you don’t know or can’t immediately recall what the three top things you need to rank your website well are, then this is for you.  With even that basic understanding you can be light years ahead of many company marketing directors and other silly folks that think they know but don’t.  You have no idea how many times we have heard the phrase “…it’s in the keywords, right?” which in and of itself is sort not WRONG, but that is what folks say when they are referring to the oldest form of SEO that worked LONG AGO – Meta Keyword stuffing.

A Downloadable Guide To Understand the Very Basics of SEO

SEO Simply is a downloadable guide to understanding the very basics of SEO.   Our entire methodology for ranking well, which started with pleasing the search engines (and has now become pleasing your visitors) – is the culmination of three basic components that you must have.

Of course we didn’t stop with the three core bullets you will never forget, there is more good information on the back.

Understanding the Algorithm – Will This Information Matter in a Year?

The algorithms Google uses are constantly evolving, partly so that people can’t keep up with them and manually affect the ranks – what they call manipulation.  But the three things we mention in SEO Simply are time-tested through hundreds if not thousands of algorithm updates and will not likely change any time soon.


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