Email Marketing Services

The Most Efficient Tool Since the Hammer.

NW eSource is Your End to End Email Marketing Solution Provider

End to end email marketing solutions can include:

  • List Acquisition
  • Landing Pages
  • Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Execution
  • Split Testing, Metrics & Success

Email Drip Marketing Campaign Building Services

Blog or not, this is a simple, non-intrusive campaign that provides touches to those that have inquired about your business but not taken action… short, sweet emails are used to provide simple but good information, a touch of humor and just keep those that might do business with you, thinking about you from time to time.  The frequency of sends is up to you, but generally once per month is the minimum we recommend.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns (Autoresponder Based)

  1. Email Marketing – New Lead Campaign (10)
  2. Email Marketing – Current Customer Campaign (5)
  3. Email Marketing – Nurture Campaign (10)

Email Blast Marketing

End to end email marketing solutions include:

  1. List Acquisition
  2. Refining Your List
  3. Campaign Creation
  4. Campaign Send &
  5. Split Testing

Automatic Blog Article to Email Marketing

Least expensive and most common… requires a blog, setup of email marketing account, configuration of RSS –

This is a component of our power social business content strategy.