Financial Policies


The majority of the work we do is based on an hourly rate of $95 / hour for services done by our team.  If you contract with us for a website, the price we propose will be our hourly estimate multiplied by $95.  The same goes for any other service provided.

The custom nature of our business means the majority of our services are provided after a custom proposal is accepted by the client, so that our prices are not static and so will not generally be published outside of this estimate basis.

Delivery Method & Timing

Delivery methods and timing vary per service, but the majority of work we are contracted to do is complete within 30 days.  If any service will take longer to deliver, we communicate that clearly to the client in writing during the proposal stage.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refunds & cancellations are honored within 30 days of payment for any portion of work that has not been completed.  If work has not yet started, at client request funds can be refunded in their entirety.  Any funds allocated for work that has already been completed by our team according to project specifications cannot be refunded.  Any work that is completed, even partially in the case of cancellation, will be delivered to the client in the form & status it is when the cancellation & refund is requested.

Thank you for your business!