Website Disaster Recovery Services

You're here because your website is down and you want help getting it back up... you have come to the right place!

About Your Website Recovery

Your website can go down for a lot of reasons, most often just a touch of neglect. The primary underlying causes are usually:

  • Domain Name Expiration
  • Web Hosting Problem
  • Malware or Viral Infection
  • Web Server Issue
  • Corrupted Database
  • Malicious Attack

While 99% of the time the issue could have been prevented, the mission now is to recover the domain and the website and get it back online.

In order to ascertain how to help best, even without any information from you we can:

  • Determine your Domain Registrar
  • Determine your Web Host
  • Determine Why your Website is down

Of course any information you can provide will save us some legwork and possibly a bit of time.  The domain registrar is where you originally registered the domain, and this is the company & login needed to point to a web host.  One point to note, people often host at their websites with their domain registrar.  The web host is the company that has your website stored on their hard drives.  The tools we use to determine this information can include:

  • A WHOIS Lookup
  • A DNS Name Server Lookup

At this point hopefully we can contact your web host with and for you and get it back online… but what if those fail?


Website Disaster Recovery – Lucky You!

Let’s assume your website host refuses to release your website, is it lost forever?  Not necessarily.  Luckily for you there are at least two places your website’s content maybe stored at least temporarily.  Number 1 it may be in Google’s cache.Number 2 it may be stored at in the Way Back Machine.  Even if you lose your domain name or your web host loses your information, we may still be able to recover the content & images  – although not necessarily – and if your website utilized a database backend like WordPress, that engine may not be recoverable.

Regardless the time to act is now, as we may only be able to access the cache of your website for a short time for the website disaster recovery.  Please contact us immediately so we can get to work for you!  Call now, or fill out the form completely so we are able to recover as much data as soon as possible the moment we receive your email.