Your Software Engineering Team

Strategy, Planning, Design & Execution are the elements that will make your software engineering project a success – our team excels at each.

All of the strategy and planning are done state-side while some of the best and more affordable engineers are internationally sourced, this enables us to be competitive and bring custom software to micro and small business niches.  Improving your bottom line by automating processes or creating an entirely new business through an online application are our two most common types of software development.  Manufacturers most commonly want us to design software to automate administration or to run their equipment.  Start-ups & companies experiencing rapid growth are two other niches we have helped successfully, and startups are usually happy to know we can modify our pricing to accommodate their needs.

We Are That One

We have found that in this world you can always find 10 companies or individuals that say they can do a thing, but usually only 3 can do it well – and then only 1 will be highly motivated, highly successful and fun to work with.  We are that one.  The most common client we have is the company that hired one of the other 9.  When getting a bid on a project always consider how much it will cost, but also consider how much it will cost to do it twice – then work with the team you have the utmost confidence in – NWeSource.