Responsive Website Design Services

People browsing the internet using Mobile devices now account for more than HALF of all traffic, so your website has to be mobile-friendly.  Google is now identifying which sites are mobile-friendly in search results – and even ranking them accordingly.  If you take care of your mobile visitors, it is almost a certain thing they will take care of you, as mobile visitors are twice as likely to purchase that day compared to those using a desktop.

What is a responsive website?

It is your All In One Website for All Visitors on All Devices.


Why Responsive Website Design

There are two primary options to consider when designing for mobile visitors, the first and best option is a responsive website which adjusts its size and layout to fit whatever screen it is being viewed on.  The second option is a separate website just for mobile visitors, aptly called a mobile website.  While mobile websites can be less expensive, they tend to be a little bit slower and they represent a second piece of property to manage.  Our mobile website platform reduces much of these issues, but a responsive website is still the superior option as they have also been shown to have superior conversion rates.  Here are the primary benefits of responsive website design:

  • Increase Your Reach to Tablet and Mobile Users
  • Increase Your Visibility in Search Engines
  • Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

Google Knows & Cares if Your Site Is Responsive

Google is now tracking whether your website is mobile-friendly or not – and they are communicating that in their search results.  They are also about to begin adjusting search rankings based on mobile-friendliness as well, so if you like where you are ranking or are planning to rank in the future you definitely want to protect yourself.  If you aren’t sure if your website is mobile-friendly or not, use Google’s test to definitely answer that question.

Responsive Website Design Features

Our clients know we take their website and marketing very seriously and starting with a responsive design is the first step you can take to tell your visitors you are aware and that you care how they are using your website – that way they will trust you more when it comes time to make a purchase.

  • Single Property for Easier Management
  • Fluid Grid & Flexible Images
  • WordPress Platform for Content Management

Responsive Website Theme Conversion

If you already love your website, but it doesn’t fit well on a tablet or phone, you may be a candidate for a responsive website theme conversion.

Responsive Website Design Examples

Here is one amazing and fantastic client example of responsive website design:

Here are many more great examples of responsive website design in action:

Get your company pointed in the right direction with a new Responsive WordPress Website Design, ours start at at a very competitive $2,500.  Responsive Website Conversions start at just $1,000.  Call Now!!