Managed Web Hosting for SEO

Understanding Managed Web Hosting for SEO

Search Engine Optimization can easily be defined as doing everything in your power to affect your website positively in search engine rankings. Well Google, Yahoo & Bing are taking very detailed notes – VERY. They are watching to see many things, including:

  • How many websites are on your web server (by IP)
  • How fast your website loads
  • What technologies are in your website
  • What coding errors exist in your site
  • What crawl errors exist on your site (like broken links)
Doing everything right from the beginning, and having early warning systems are both imperative if you care about your rankings. When a company invests its limited capital into SEO, regardless of desire small issues can prevent great rank. The opposite is true also, small SEO centric changes to a website’s hosting configuration can have huge results on search engine rankings – so give yourself the best chance to win with our Managed Web Hosting for SEO feature set.

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Our Managed Web Hosting for SEO Features

$295 / Month – We Handle Everything

Includes all of our Managed Web Hosting for WordPress features, plus the following:

  • Separate C Class IP
  • Private Branded Name Servers
  • Google Analytics Configuration with Conversion Goals
  • Google Webmaster Tools Setup & Monitoring
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Configured
  • Crawl Error Collection (Analysis & Resolution Extra)
  • Centralized Storage & Management of Website & Marketing Files
  • Content Copyright Protection Alert System (Tynt Setup)
  • Auto Attribution Linking for Content Copies (Tynt Configuration)
  • Free Google Apps for Domains Setup (normally $249)
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) for Ultra-Fast Global Delivery
  • Website Change History – Admin Logging
  • Right Click Image & Content Protection – Blog Protector
  • Website Spell Check (works within ManageWP)
  • Customized 404 or Smart 404 Page Plugin

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