Niche Web & Internet Marketing

The goal at NWeSource is to grab and retain the clients we can help the most, and thus we have begun to carve out a niche of our own and this is helping companies in a particular set of circumstances regarding their business model, products & services, search volume and consumer demand.

Why Niche Web Internet Marketing

The key online is finding a space with demand but low enough competition that they can be beat; here is what is involved in a competitor web market analysis.

Can your company market nationwide?

The internet has brought about a tremendous opportunity which is the ability to sell products and/or services all across the country and even globally.  We love helping companies that serve locally within their city, but even more we are seeking to work with companies that can take advantage of this huge customer landscape and leverage it with technology.  If your company can sell anywhere in the country, we may be a good fit.

Do you have millions of competitors, or just a few?

We are not as interested in tackling niches that require competing against millions of other companies (like weight loss for instance), but what we do want is to work with innovative companies who are defining or refining a niche.

Are your Products and/or services Unique?

New products, product revisions, and cheaper alternative products would be strong opportunities in a nationwide internet marketing campaign.  Technology based products like software as a service offerings are also very strong opportunities we would entertain.

Is your market mature?  How many people search for what you do?

When a product or service is new and few people know about it, search traffic will be low.  In this scenario a more grass roots marketing campaign will be needed to introduce people to the concept.  When a market is mature there is high demand and many competitors.  Ideally our clients are in a newer but quickly maturing market.  In this scenario proper position and aggressive niche internet marketing can establish our clients as leaders in their industry before it is even fully developed.  A strong lead in the market leaves the future in their niche ultra bright.

Niche Web Marketing Success Story

QuadVan positioned themselves as leaders in the 4×4 Van industry before we came along.  When ownership changed hands, they felt it was time to give the marketing kick start and we were there to help.  Redesigning the website and providing a solid SEO strategy yielded great results for QuadVan, and left them ranking well for all of the key terms we targeted – even though they chose not to kick it up one more notch that would have them in even more top positions.

4×4 Wheelchair Vans #1, #5 & #6

4×4 Buses #3

4×4 Motorhomes #1 & #2

4×4 Van Accessories #1

4×4 Commercial Vans #1 & #2

4×4 Van #7

4×4 Vans #7