Additional Useful Links

This resources page will hold all of the links we are collecting before they being distributed to a more specific page…


Lorem Ipsum content generator –


Domain Names

We Still use GoDaddy –

Bust a Name – Word Combos for Domains –


Necessary Legal Content Generators for Your Website

Privacy Policy –

Terms of Service –

Additional Privacy & Terms Generator –


Website Testing Links

Bug Herd –

Cross Browser Testing Snapshots –

MS Internet Explorer Testing –

Broken Link Checker –

Usability Testing –

SiteBeam –

Screaming Frog SEO Crawler –


File Sharing Utilites / Platforms

We Transfer –

DropBox –


Website Security

WordPress Security Suggestions –


Stock Video Footage Resources

Free Video Footage –

7 Days Free – 

DVD Only – Pay for Shipping –


Online Video Production Resources

WeVideo –

Animoto –


Conversion Rate Optimization

Several Conversion Rate Optimizations To Try –


Amazing Web Tools

Zapier – Connect Any Programming APIs –

Similar Web Tool Connector –


Free Graphic Design Software

The Best 6 Options –


Krita – –

Adobe Photoshop Express –

Pixlr –


WordPress How To’s

Create a Custom Page Template –

How to Use Custom Post Types –