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Why Managed? So you can sleep.

Most people have no idea what goes into website hosting, and especially when it comes to hosting a database driven website built on WordPress.  While it isn’t rocket science, the website has now become a little bit more breakable with the incredible features that come along with WordPress.  Just like cars, the more they evolve the more complicated they get.  At the same time, backup technologies and cloud computing have evolved bringing greater levels of redundancy and automation, so there is a pretty solid trade-off, but only for those who know how to pair the greater hosting technologies with the platform.

Database Driven Superstardom

The main feature improvement of a database driven website is the ability to make a change one place, and have it be site-wide.  Adding a single plugin can extend the functionality of the entire machine, so there is no question about the overwhelming benefit.  Additionally, from an SEO and marketing standpoint there is absolutely no turning back.  With SEO plugins, RSS feeds, tracked conversion forms and dynamically injected phone numbers the old standalone XHTML website is basically dead.  Use any website analysis software and you can see gaping technology holes in the site that Google and search engines also see and care about.  If your competitors are using WordPress and you’re not – they win.

Why Our Web Hosting Services Win

We have set everything up in a best of breed fashion.  Redundant data, cloud accessibility, cPanel & Fantastico – what more could you ask for?

Website Disaster Recovery

This is the technology underpinning your website needs to perform at its very best, no matter what happens including disaster scenarios like a malware infection, server down, or a corrupted database.  In those scenarios we will be notified right away, by text message.  From there multiple copies of your website will be available to us to restore from, from the same day or as far back as several months.

What if you break your website? Triple Backup Coverage

Now that your website is in WordPress, you can edit it yourself, add pages, add plugins and you could break it.  You might just click the update WordPress button and take the website down – it’s as easy as that.  That’s why having our team on standby is imperative, we can work with you on restoring through WordPress Revisions, cPanel & coverage, or our ManageWP cloning cloud backup system.

That’s right, we have your website backed up 3 different ways – it is bulletproof. In addition, you can count on us to stay ahead of the curve.  Web hosting for the future – Now.


Managed Web Hosting for WordPress

$95 / Month – We Handle Everything

  • Great Server Response Time
  • Up to 10 Email Accounts
  • Up to 3 GB Data Storage & 30 GB Monthly Data Traffic
  • Daily OFFSITE cPanel Container Backups (Includes Email Accounts, Database & Files)
  • Daily OFFSITE Cloud-Based Website Backups (Includes Website Databases & Files)
  • WordPress Engine Updates As Needed *
  • WordPress Plugin Updates As Needed *
  • Includes 1 Hour of Updates/Fixes/Restores Total per Month
  • 24 Hour Uptime Monitoring with SMS Text Notification
  • $1,000 Website Recovery or Replacement Guarantee ***

* Every time WordPress or a Plugin is updated there is a possibility the site will break, so our staff is ready to instantly restore the site at the time the updates are made.

** Up to three incidents, not new content

*** If your website goes down and we can’t recover it – we will give you a $1,000 cash or a replacement website.

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