Internet Phone Book Listing Service

$999 One Time

For a local service providing company to rank well in search engines, it is imperative that Google find their listings in the oldest, and some of the newest Internet Phone Books.

These websites are pertinent business directories that each represent an opportunity to prove to Google that your company is serious about its online presence, to verify the company information like address and phone number, and to gather additional information and company reviews to display on its Google Map Profiles.

This product was designed for two reasons.  Number one it enhances a Google Map Listing tremendously.  Number two, if your company is listed in a smaller city (smaller than Portland is a good benchmark) in a less competitive market there is a chance your phone books will show in search results all the way down the page.  This can be a very effective way to amplify your coverage in smaller cities, actually blocking out competitors.

In this search for Business Exit Planning Portland, our customer and their Internet Phone Books took up all 10 search results.

There are more Internet Phone Books than the ones we populate in this package, but these are the ones that Google picks up the data from the most including citations, reviews, ratings, descriptions, and images.

Internet Phone Book listing Service Provides:

  • Listing in the most important directories including,,,, and more…
  • Inbound links to your website from each, which is good for SEO
  • Clients can find you in these directory websites
  • Builds your brand with positive customer comments
  • We target a 4 star rating on each profile
  • Boost each listing to two comments at least
  • If negative comments exist, we add more positive comments to get the ranking higher
  • We spread your customer’s authentic comments out across dates and accounts, IP’s and browsers
  • Considerably Boosts Google Map Local Business Listings
  • These profiles optimize well for smaller cities and suburbs, so you may be found on Google for a smaller city search