One Month of Free SEO

No Gimmicks. No Jokes. No Commitment. No Risk.

We will move your website up the rankings in 30 days or less to earn your trust.

You know ranking well on Google & Google Maps will generate your business more leads than ever before.  And you’re tired of being SOLD internet marketing from thousands of random companies – so we have decided to make it easy for you.

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What does it take to qualify?

You have to want more leads, and you need to have a budget for your website and marketing.

You also need to have a few 5 star reviews.  Our intention is to help the best companies get seen.

Our expertise is in Managed Web Services – we literally take care of EVERYTHING ONLINE for our clients for less than half the cost of a marketing employee.

The problem for someone in your shoes is finding a company that can perform as there are countless agencies, domestic and overseas, that promise the world and under-deliver.  And your money is precious.

Everything we do is according to a tried and true formula, so we are willing to prove our abilities & showcase our service to 10 quality companies.

What is your process? How can you assure me there is no risk?

We offer $1,000 cash or a replacement website to our Managed Web Hosting clients, and we have never lost a website.  Our first step is to take a backup of your website and duplicate it online to validate our backup was successful, and we’ll send you a link to prove it.  That way we can restore your website to exactly the way it was before we made any changes, but that is highly unlikely.

Our next step will be to setup your Custom SEO Software package, that will check your website rankings on Google, Google Local, and even Google’s Mobile Search Results (Bing and Yahoo also of course).  This way you can tell where you are ranking for your business name and your most important related keywords on Day 1, and the software will let us know where you are ranking on Day 30, as well as every day in between.

From there we will look at what changes to your website will garner the fastest changes in rank, and then implement those changes.  Google’s indexing time is quite fast these days, so your site’s ranking will begin to move within just a few days.  You can anticipate fast action!

Steps to Success

Hosting & Website Credentials

You send us your website and hosting credentials, along with an authorization to make changes to your website.

Backup Your Website

We take a backup of your website and upload it to another URL to show you that we can restore it at any time.

Setup SEO Tracking

Our Custom SEO Software will be used to track your ranking from start to finish – and it has hundreds more features.


Implement SEO Changes

We implement what you need most, which could be Page Titles, Heading Tags, an XML sitemap or more… and the fun begins!


Rise in Rank

Your website will start to move, in the right direction, for the right keywords.  And you will see the proof of our talent.

Commit to 30 Days More

Once you’ve seen our strategies & planning, our processes, our customer service & our success – well you get the point.


Just a sample of the love we get from the business owners we help…

thumb_01_60_60Larry Collins, Thurston County Transmissions

“I text Charles at least once / month, but I usually say the same thing – new record!  We hit new monthly sales records all the time. ”


thumb_02_60_60 Sky Trammell, Goldstar ATM

“I would die for Charles, this guy has changed my professional life multiple times. Let your business evolve. ”


thumb_03_60_60Becky Tengwall, I Take The Lead

“I’ve been working with Charles & NW eSource since his kids were born, that’s over 10 years.  We hired him when the other guys just couldn’t get it right.”



Get your questions answered before we talk…

What makes you the "go to guy" ?

My name is Charles Montgomery, and I own and operate Northwest eSource, a software development, web design & marketing agency. We’ve been in business since 2006, and before that I worked at IBM, Intel & Gateway Computers – so technology comes second nature to me. I started my company in IT, but every company I visited needed a website.

After I built 15 websites, everyone asked me “how do we use it?” So we started marketing. That was at the birth of businesses on Google and SEO, since then we’ve added every service that businesses need to succeed online, including strategic business content, business branding, social media services & email marketing.

We have a team that makes onsite videos nationwide, photographers, graphic designers, developers and more – our team rocks! And our processes and expertise are second to none.

What should I expect from our appointment?

With my experience in software, web design & marketing, I can quickly ascertain what your business needs.  It’s as simple as that.

The first 5-15 minutes will be a fun, engaging introduction – no PITCH from me whatsoever.  I don’t need you to buy from me – I only want to work with a select few.  I’d like to hear just how passionate you are about your business, and how you do a fantastic job.

From there you can tell me about the technology in your business.  If you are passionate about technology improving your business, that you use your email, and are serious about the future – then we proceed.

We will then Google your business and discover the properties that Google thinks represent your business – and which ones are missing.

From there we can talk about ACTION, what steps need to be taken – whether my company takes them or not – I will point you in all the right directions.

What work do you start with first?

What we start with first depends on your situation.  If you’re website should have been unpublished years ago – we start there.

If you are struggling to get enough business to make payroll, then we go into instant over-drive lead generation.

If you are in a more comfortable situation in your business, then we start with your core messaging, get the pitch perfect, then get it out, everywhere.

How much does your SEO Service cost if we decide to continue after the first 30 days?

Great question!  Our standard hourly rate is $95 / hour,  you will have the ability to decide how much time we invest into your website from here on out, and we can help you pick a level that will be appropriate to get the right results within your budget.  The beauty of this program is that we can show you how we can get great results with a small investment.

We also charge $95 / month for our SEO Software, and $95 / month for our Managed Web Hosting, which you will certainly want also.

Success Is A Click Away

We’ve been around the block and back – let us take you for a spin to all-time highs in your business revenue.

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