Website SEO Transition Guide

Why should I be concerned?

You have spent thousands of dollars investing in your website and search marketing over the last few years – shouldn’t you be concerned about undoing that work when you launch your new website?

Yes you should.

If it is done wrong, you could literally drive your website off of a cliff in the search engines!

Here’s an example of a company that ruined their rankings when they let someone redesign their website without the experience to handle the SEO Transition:


SEO Transition Basics

A couple of important questions to ask before your website launch:

  1. Are you keeping track of your website’s rank through SEO software?
  2. Are you keeping track of your website’s traffic through analytics software?

If the answer to either of those questions is no – then you aren’t ready to launch your new site. At the very minimum you should be able to tell IMMEDIATELY if there are any issues and Google doesn’t like your new website for some reason.

What’s In an SEO Transition?

SEO Transition GuideBefore you launch, there are multiple steps that MUST BE TAKEN in order to prevent Google from having the wrong information about your website. If you change the pages on your site, and you don’t take the steps to tell Google, then they will be serving the wrong information about your website and this can cause serious issues. The NWeSource SEO Transition Guide covers the bulk of what is needed for these changes.

If you have put work into optimizing your current site, then you need to know how to transfer that investment to the new website as well – and most of that is also covered in our brief but very important SEO Transition Guide.

Take a look, and if you need help with implementation, that’s what we are here for…


Don’t let your hard work go down the drain, request our SEO Transition Guide today – and let us walk you through your new website launch!



The SEO Transition Guide

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