WordPress Website & Hosting Management

A great number of our clients prefer to have their websites hosted at a well known provider, that is not also their web designer.  This is not a problem for us and in many circumstances we encourage it.  But the problem we solve is that many of the well known web hosting companies do not also manage the WordPress website, which can and will mean that WordPress will be out of date, as well as your plugins.  In addition, those web hosting companies will not make recommendations or provide additional security precautions which will lead to your site being vulnerable to attack by hackers.  In the case that your website is hacked or otherwise offline due to an issue that was not their cause, their support will be limited.

With our fully managed service, no matter what happens WE AR ON IT.

Our WordPress Website & Hosting Management Service provides the exact same level of management as our WordPress Managed Website Hosting Service, the only difference is that your website is hosted elsewhere.

WordPress Website & Hosting Management

Here are the details:

$95 / Month for cPanel Hosting Accounts

$145 / Month for Non-cPanel Hosting Accounts

Here Are The Differences

  • Server Response Time is Dependent on Your Host
  • Email Hosting Will be Handled by Your Host (or another provider)
  • Data Storage & GB Monthly Data Traffic Will Be Dependent on Your Host

Here are the Services & Benefits We Provide

  • DropBox Share for Logins and Recommendations
  • Text Message Notification of Website or Hosting Issues
  • Daily OFFSITE cPanel Container Backups (Includes Database, Files & Email Accounts for cPanel)
  • Daily OFFSITE Cloud-Based Website Backups (Includes Website Databases & Files – To DropBox & Amazon)
  • WordPress Engine Updates As Needed *
  • WordPress Plugin Updates As Needed *
  • Includes 1 Hour of Updates/Fixes/Restores Total per Month
  • 24 Hour Uptime Monitoring with SMS Text Notification
  • $1,000 Website Recovery or Replacement Guarantee ***

The Smart Decision Now Will Save Time, Money & Reputation in the Long Run

We know you are busy running your business, and may not even have the time to read this document.
If your website goes down finding someone to resolve that issue will take even more of your time, so
securing a contract with us to update, maintain and recover your site in a disaster will be one of the
soundest business decisions you make.

* Every time WordPress or a Plugin is updated there is a possibility the site will break, so our staff is ready to instantly restore the site at the time the updates are made.

** Up to three incidents, not new content

*** If your website goes down and we can’t recover it – we will give you a $1,000 cash or a replacement website.

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