Website Management Services

Understanding Website Management Services

Your website is the face of your company online, are you in control if it? Who registered your domain?  What account is it in?  If you don’t know the answers to those two questions you could be in huge trouble. Where is your website hosted?  What is the cPanel login?  If you don’t know – you aren’t in control of your website.

Website Management is the service we provide that keeps those questions constantly answered – perfectly – so you at any given time your website is in your control.  This is what what we like to call an ‘in-house service’ – and that means in your house.  We make sure you are completely aware of every little login and password regarding any account surrounding your website – including the hosting, cPanel, Google Analytics, AdWords, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools, etc.  You are kept up to date on which plugins are installed on your website and what features they provide.  We notify you of new plugins as they come available so you are able to take advantage of the latest feature-sets.  When we manage your website, you know it is in good hands.  Website management is a service layered on top of managed website hosting technology.  See a full list of website management service features we provide so that companies are perfectly in control of their most valuable asset, their website.

Managed Web Hosting for WordPress Websites

The main feature of a WordPress website is the centralized ability to make changes across the website from one place, and to edit the content without looking at code.  But at what cost do those features come?  The main thing to understand is that the WordPress website now has multiple moving parts, like trading in your red wagon for an electric toy car.  As kids and parents know, more parts break and batteries wear down and that is the tradeoff.  With WordPress the gained feature set is light-years above a static XHTML website, but with a database and more moving parts extra caution must be taken with web hosting.  Primarily the database must be backed up separately from the website files, and a restore process must be in place in case the site was to break.  Read more about our Managed Website Hosting for WordPress and see how we have you covered – and then some.

Manged Web Hosting for SEO

This stuff just keeps getting more complicated!  Search engines want to know that you are serious about your website – and we mean SERIOUS.  Slow load times, coding errors, broken feeds, and broken links can all set you back tremendously.  What is worse than that?  If your website goes down for a few days and Google happens to crawl it this can cause tremendous issues.  So early warnings about any issues are imperative.  When a company is investing hard-earned money into SEO because they want to win, small issues can prevent domination.  In addition, small SEO centric changes to a website’s hosting configuration can have huge results on rankings so having best of breed Managed Web Hosting for SEO Services is what we are all about, get some details here….