Professionally Customized Social Media Account Setup

Professionally Customized Social Media Account Setup


Are You Being Seen on Social Media?

Don’t Miss the Social Media Revolution

You know billions of people are on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In & YouTube.  Google +1 adoption continues to climb, especially since it affects search engine rankings.

Social media represents a huge digital shift in word of mouth advertising, and can have a leveraged, infinitely powerful multiplier effect on your leads, sales, reach and reputation.

YouTube is the largest search engine next to Google, because people like video. In an era where video production is easier than ever before, this could be a huge missed opportunity if you don’t have a custom YouTube page!  We can make professionally custom, amazing business video slideshows in about 10 hours – because our graphic designer is very fast, our video producer is efficient, and we use the right software and have tuned our processes.  In fact the content in the videos make terrific custom graphics for your website, social media accounts, billboards, custom business flyers, and more… using the same content multiple ways is the major component of our content leverage branding strategy.

6-300x200.jpgOur Social Media Account Signup & Customization Service

NWeSource will sign up for and professionally customize your new Social Media accounts – better and for a lot less than the other guys!  Because Social Media for Business is still relatively new, many companies think they should charge an arm and a leg for basic services, like setup and customization.  Setup and customization of social media accounts would generally take 2-3 hours each.  This is where NWeSource’s hourly web work billing is great for our clientele.  On a process like this where you could feel a retail sticker shock, instead you get great value.

Having Custom Business Social Media accounts up and running & looking well branded is a marketing necessity.

Our Professionally Customized Social Media Account setup includes the signup process, adding a company description, inputting contact information, photo galleries, a couple of posts and custom-designed social media graphics – click the link for our social media customization portfolio.  Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn can be synchronized (Google + hopefully soon also) and interlinked which can make your time spent posting 4 times as valuable.  Our services include:4-300x200.jpg

  • Social Media Account Signup
  • We Add Your Company Description
  • Input Your Contact Information
  • Add Your Photo Galleries
  • Provide Custom Graphics
  • Sync Your Accounts

Additional Facebook customizations are possible including:

  • FanGates on Facebook – Someone must Like your page to view the content
  • YouTube Channels on Facebook
  • Twitter Post Integration
  • More

We also employ WordPress Plugins to Post to Social Media from our website administration. This moves us into our Automated Social Business Content Strategy – that ties together Websites, Blogs, Social Media & Email Marketing – to get the most syndicated visibility from the right amount of effort.  But you can’t automate until you set things, up, so we recommend you signup for your own Custom Social Media Profile Setups now!

 Linking to Your Social Media Accounts from Your Website

    1. Setup your Social Media Accounts
    2. Choose your social media icons
    3. Integrate and link them to your Social Media Accounts
    4. Choose a location for and integrate action social media buttons – Like, Follow, & +1

** Here you can see how these profiles are going to continue to get better and more impressive over time.  From an SEO standpoint if your competitor has one and you don’t, they have a leg up.