Your Website Has Been Infected

We Are Sorry To Be The Bearer of Bad News

You have a problem with your website, but lucky for you we found it.  You can see the issue by searching Google for your own domain, if you use the search you will see only your website’s pages as Google knows them.

If we contacted you then you know it’s because you are going to see foreign characters dominating the content of your website, just like in the example shown here.


More Proof

If you want further proof, log into Google Webmaster Tools and check the content that Google has found in your site and you will again see the foreign characters.  What this means is that someone else has taken over your website and is injecting the content they want into your website.  This can happen a number of way, for instance weak passwords particularly when they are combined with weak usernames, outdated plugins or an outdated CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.



Here’s How We Can Help