Success is built upon a foundation of planning.

What do NWeSource clients get in our strategy, analysis and site plans?

960326_graphThis is a high and low level document that provides incredible insight into effective ways to utilize the web to generate leads, close business, call for interaction, increase your revenue, expand your target market, form B2B partnerships, analyze your competition, plan for marketing and MORE!

– Keyword research
o Getting inside the head of your target market asking, what are they searching for to find you?
o How many people are searching for your services?  You need to so you can anticipate your website ROI.

– Search engine competition in your area
o Who is currently winning, and how hard will it be to get you on the top half of the first page?

– Search Optimization Recommendations
o The best methods for you to use to quickly gain search engine position

– Google Sponsored Link Advertising Strategy and Estimate
o One of the very fastest ways to generating business after you have a site is Google Adwords advertising, here we strategize and provide a cost estimate for you.

– Lead Generation Strategies for you to implement on your website
o When someone comes to your site, they need to be called to action, so what calls will be made?
o We recommend ways to get the clients to contact you, and ways your site can capture that information and call your clients to interact with your site in meaningful ways.
o  Loyalty building recommendations – there are many ways to involve clients in your business regularly to build loyalty – we show you some that will work for you.

– B2B Suggestions
o Using the web in meaningful ways often will require the expansion of your business model.  Here we look for solid ways to create or amplify B2B partnerships to increase your revenue.

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