Hourly Web Work – The Fine Print

NWeSource Hourly Web Work – The Fine Print:

Our hourly services include analysis, consulting, planning, graphic design, website coding, SEO, and more.  Hours are prepaid before work commences.  If hours are not all used during the course of the initial project, they remain on file for up to a year to be utilized on future projects.

Your Satisfaction is Built into Our Process
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we don’t quit working until that is achieved.  Because of this policy, we do not fail.  However, change requests, changes of mind and mood swings are very common in our industry – so we work hourly for our clients.  This is a huge benefit for the vast majority of our customers, as our efforts are worth far more than the hourly rate in many circumstances and a comparable project price would be much higher.  All funds received are non-refundable and our efforts must be prepaid.  We back this policy with an extreme dedication to achieving all goals within the scope of a project, a driven commitment to your satisfaction, your required approval and defined deliverables at each stage of our work.

The Process
Our process is to outline objectives according to your needs, then develop a plan with estimates.  Once the plan is approved, work commences.  We submit projects for your approval at various stages; including planning, graphics, content, coding, final approval and more – to make sure what we deliver is what you want.  At the end of purchased hourly block of service, we supply deliverables & a report detailing our effort.  You have zero obligation to continue working with us, and all deliverables are yours at all times.

Phone Consultation and Office Visits
Hourly web work covers phone or in person consultation in our office.  Trips to client offices are billed separately at $129 / hour.

The Proud Owner of Your Website
All graphics source files, copywriting and code for your website belong to you, and they will be shared in an ongoing basis during project tenure.  Northwest eSource reserves the right to feature any work we do as an example in portfolio showcases.  Images from stock photography sources carry their own copyrights and ownership is not exclusive unless otherwise specified.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure
We expect and agree that neither Northwest eSource, Inc nor our blient (you) and either of their respective employees or contractors will ever share information about each other’s business to any 3rd party without explicit authorization.  Business models, partnerships, contracts, proposals, and invoices are all considered proprietary information.  Business is a competitive landscape and unauthorized disclosure of private business information will be considered a breach of contract.

Proposal Term
If a proposal accompanies this agreement, it is good for the term of 30 days.  Standard delivery projection for a website is 30-90 days but is heavily dependent on client participation.  No guarantee is made but all efforts will be made to deliver within 90 days.

The Search Engine Optimization benefits included provide no guarantee of search engine results position (SERP).  The features we propose to include in this project provide part of the framework needed for search engine recognition and elevation of your site, but in no way guarantee results.  No other guarantees are implied.

This page is designed to inform you and protect us; our intention is always to serve your needs perfectly.