This is a trend change in Search Engine Advertising, a simplification for the business owner and an opportunity to be seen first. This program is SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT and our client’s position on Google is and will remain FIRST for his relevant search terms ? he has had three email leads and several phone calls in two days…


Here are snapshots of his position on Google, the business name is Details By Mark (portland oregon auto detail). He really is the best also if you need a detail/restoration on a car.


Google knows I searched from the Portland area and so returns Mark #1… His phone number is present so his potential clients don’t have to click if they are happy with the first search result and want to schedule an appointment.


Using a city name as part of a key phrase often generates the map – which he is ABOVE (and letter c thanks to us).


We want to target keywords that your BUYERS will be using – in Mark’s case he wants clients who want upperend auto details.


This is the evolution beyond Pay Per Click advertising – flat fee search engine placement.
Various forms of Internet marketing work for different types of business, this is likely the most direct form of targeted advertising available. Most people begin their search for a product or company on a search engine. Maybe they’ll find you. Call and email if you are interested, more results below or download a word document)…


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Mr. Clean and Green is our client.  Vancouver Housekeeping