NWeSource Solicits Partnership with Quick Bridge Funding

After speaking with our more than helpful rep and the company’s strategy director Ben Gold, we are more than a little excited to (hopefully) partner with Quick Bridge Funding and build out their brand online.  As a happy client of theirs, we know how helpful their services are.  Match that with their ability to help companies nationwide, and you have a potent mix of potential and already established success that make for terrific branding and marketing success stories online.

Quick Set of Recommendations

As our readers know, most of what we do is broken down into best of breed recommendation sets (our formulas), yet of course every situation is unique also.  Here are just a few recommendations according to CutterWelderMaestro we are making from our brief, cursory inspection of their website and marketing:

Use A Custom Website Design – Instead of A Theme

This is standard for us as most know are familiar with our Great Business Website Formula that spells out custom, unique graphics as a business must-have.

Optimize Website for Search Engines

When we view the source of the page we can tell immediately that their is no H1 tag, a key ingredient of our Local Search Marketing Formula & SEO Simply Formula that address SEO basics.  By telling Google what they do more clearly, their chances for ranking higher in search engines is greatly multiplied.

Utilize Happy Client Case Studies

We are a happy client of Quick Bridge Funding and recommend them highly – we will be happy to be their first Case Study.

Facebook Link – Open In New Window

When we clicked their Facebook link it took us away from their website – a definite no-no as it decreases the likelihood a prospect will do business with them, the same was true for their Twitter link.

New Facebook Timeline Graphics

Their Facebook business page is missing Timeline Header Graphics – one of our specialties and key element of online branding given that “everyone” has a Facebook account.

Increase Frequency of Blog Posts

One blog post is better than many companies who have none, but it is imperative more than ever to speak to your audience in real time so that prospects and clients are given a chance to engage in an ongoing basis with your company.  Search engines literally visit your website as often as you post, so publishing more often is step 1 in attracting their attention.

Increase Frequency of Social Media Posts – 0 Tweets, 0 FB Posts, 1 Like

Branding, publishing information, and social media syndication are the very best types of free advertising available to companies today.  Phone books are gone and people are looking for companies to engage with, publishing is paramount to being found.  Search engines continue to include and enhance social media presence in their ranking algorithms so this cannot be neglected.

Add A Google + Account

Google has done a great job of making their Google Plus pages relevant, attractive and useful.  Watch this (somewhat dry, yet) very informative video to see how to use Google Plus for your business.  The +1 social media action button is being utilized in search algorithms so neglecting it completely can be a costly mistake moving forward.

Here are few Google + client account graphic designs we have done:


 To the future!