Here are some notes for link building strategies…

Content Syndication – for Linkbait and/or Backlink Building

  • Video (video syndication has its own backlink building profile)
  • Infographics – Linkbait – attribution backlinks
  • Widgets – When posted on other sites, they have a backlink built in
  • Badges – Image with required backlink built in
  • Blog Article Push to Mass Social Media – SM syndication can generate backlinks and buzz
  • Guest Blog Article Writing – Attribution Backlink
  • Podcast – Fan base links, news & media links, news & media aggregator links also

Partner Discovery

  • Links from Relevant, Ranking Websites – 1st Highest Quality Link
    • Depending on their rank, domain authority, & relevance
    • Relationship Building – finding partners to establish link building opportunity)
      • Create a Hit List
      • Google & Social Alerts for New Opportunities & Branding Engagement
    • Relationships & requests create the links


New Website & Link Creation

  • New Website Creation – 2nd Highest Quality Link
    • Micro/Mini Keyword Domain Websites
    • Dual Purposed Organic/Paid Landing Pages
    • Second Highest Quality Link Explained
      • original website
      • new good
      • aged even better
      • build bulk links to the minisites to strengthen
      • revisit later to add content/redesign once they have achieved good rank
      • consider contact forms, multiple pages, blog engines & content updates to ensure Google’s respect


New Content & Links on Hosted Sites

  • New Content & Links on Web 2.0 Sites  – 3rd Highest Quality Link
    • Hosted Blogs (Blogger, Blogspot, Posterous)
    • HQ Article Hosting (Squidoo, eHow)
    • Make sure to include media (videos, images, soundbites)

User Driven Model Link Creation

  • User Created Links – 4th Highest Quality Links
    • Social Bookmarks
    • Social Media Mentions / Links

Standard Self Promotion Internet Marketing

  • Self-Promotion Internet Marketing – 5th Highest Quality Link
    • Internet Directories
    • PR Article Submissions
    • Blog Comments
    • Forum Posting & Signatures