Happy Holidays!  Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Family

Some of us are having a tough time of it this year; no doubt you may be feeling the strain.  Assuming we have a strong family, loving, surrounding and supporting us, though, it should turn out all right.  It’s hard to fail when you surround yourself with incredible people, so make sure to spend time with your loved ones this week and weekend.  I like to believe the future is an open book that reads as beautiful as we can write it.  I look forward to every call from every one of my clients; feel free to reach out to me at your next earliest convenience.

Portland Client Highlights

We have made strides here recently at Northwest eSource, and it has come at the cost of great personal sacrifice, hard work and dedication.  Our Search Engine Optimization offering is now top notch, with the latest full site makeover, for Bernard Painting Inc, bringing them into #1 (after the map) for a Google search of Portland Painting CompanyMoreover, many other top ten rankings were had.  With a little more work via external linking, today they made the first page for Portland Painting – I have them coming in at #10 right now.  It’s funny, but SEO reads like an album on a Pop Chart!  How would you like to make a top ten splash?

Portland Painting Company

I want to encourage everyone this holiday season, to keep your head high even as the economy slows down – and to look for opportunity. Along that vein we are making major strides to bring our clients and partners closer through our Portland business networking brand: Northwest Business Links (www.nwbusinesslinks.com).

Internet Real Estate

Through this blog based website, as an added value, we are planning Google position for the terms your clients use to find you.  From there, you will have a quality company profile, as well as articles written by you and for you, including service awards for great customer service and spotlights on unique service offerings, discounts and partnerships. Your profile will of course link to your website to bring more targeted traffic your way, and SEO from the quality, authoritative inbound links. We envision that this site will be utilized by our clients as a forum to foster and develop business to business relationships, and to create a synergy among businesses that allows for continued recommendation of each other’s favorite products to our own favorite clients.  Look for more news soon on this exciting development – and let us know if you feel a desire to participate.  Also understand this is one of many coming pieces of Internet Real Estate we will showcase to strengthen our position as your go to marketing team, the topic of this one is Portland Business Networking.

Northwest Business Links

Let’s Talk Soon

For all of our clients that your site is in development, thank you for your patience.  We look forward to every communiqué from our clients.  We hope you understand that your vision, drive and interest, and even more your knowledge of your business, are a good portion of the fuel we use to complete the projects underway – so don’t be bashful!  Send information and pictures every day!  Brainstorm, conceive and push us to help you – as this is our greatest desire.

Happy holidays to you and yours!