This is one of our clients that provides free carpet cleaning training videos that detail the very best carpet cleaning methods – you definitely want to check them out if you have any challenges in your carpets.  They also have home carpet cleaning tips if you’re not into the whole You Tube video thing :)… They go so far as to show you how to remove blood from carpet and also how to remove paint from carpet.

In our opinion it is the best carpet cleaning training website out there and if you buy the carpet cleaning training video set, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.  It is mainly for those who want to know how to start a carpet cleaning business or for those who already own their own carpet cleaning business.

The owner of the site is George Grijalva.  For his Portland Oregon carpet cleaning business, he has appeared on TV 12 times and also been on the radio 3 times.  He is a motivational speaker and a power referral partner.  We are helping to grow each other’s business.

His business is based in Portland, Oregon but he also lives and his team cleans carpet in Vancouver, Washington as well.