We are very excited about our partnership with Vine Vapors, a brand new premium ejuice company.  They are looking for vape shops to carry their juice, and it just so happens that most of them don’t have a website.  Through our partnership, vape shops that carry Vine Vapors ejuice will get a managed website from us – and everybody wins.  The more business they get through their website, the more ejuice they sell and the more they value their website.

That being said, Vine Vapors also needed their own website to sell their ejuice.  To start we of course needed the website to be WordPress and responsive to fit well on all devices.  A great place to start these days, for maximum configurability and ease of use is Divi by Elegant Themes.  For eCommerce within WordPress, there is nothing better than WooCommerce.  Stripe payments processing allows for an extra level of security beyond SSL, so we recommended them.  Social media accounts, email marketing (through our platform) and will be managing their SEO through our Custom SEO Software Platform.

They are on their way to being a premiere ejuice maker in the country!

premium ejuice website - responsive wordpress ecommerce