Blogging is a tremendous force in the world of internet marketing as it serves multiple purposes including optimization, entertainment and information.  Done right, even large companies can take advantage of the personal nature of blogging to reach out to their Why Blog is the question on many business owner's minds - this should clear up some of those questions...audience, start conversations, create buzz, propagate their news and interact in a way that makes customers feel uniquely cared for despite the fact the content is of course intended en masse.  Articles are often written from the perspective of one particular person as opposed to the ‘we’ third person used on about us pages and the like which again can enhance that personal feel.

Blog Marketing for Search Engine Optimization

On the search marketing side of things, blogs are similar to eCommerce in their inherent search advantages including a database driven, categorized, tagged, dated, link based informational hierarchy.  The article content appears in snippets across categories pages, tags pages and more – leveraging this content to make a website seem larger than it is to the search engines.  Some of this benefit has diminished recently in the search algorithms but much of it remains.  A blog-based website with 15 pages will be often be much stronger than a 15 page static website with the same content unless extraordinary effort is taken to build the static site similarly.  RSS Feeds are built into most blog engines and this is very similar to an XML feed for eCommerce products in that it is syndication or publication of the blog’s content.  Rather than just waiting to be crawled by the search engines, the RSS feed is propagating the blog content to the sites set up to feed it worldwide.  SEO plugins and other features can be used to enhance these already advantageous components.

A Blog is Often the Breath in a Website

All too often a website becomes stale.  If a viewer has read your content, why would they return unless there was something new.  You may be surprised to know Google and search engines ‘think’ the same way.  A search engine will visit your website about as often as you change the content.  If you write an article a week, Google catches on to this pattern and visits once a week.  News sites with constantly updating content are visited multiple times per day.  When a blog article is posted or any new content on a blog engine website, within WordPress there is a ping function that can also notify PING search engines & content aggregators – again increasing the frequency of their visits.

Blog Articles as Landing Pages

Each time a new blog article is written, it can be used to target core keywords like a landing page.  When an article is written to appeal to a certain set of people like campers or hikers or bikers – this presents an opportunity to present unique information and to rank for the related keywords.  Then those keywords also present a linking opportunity to go to your services pages products and strengthen them in the search engines.  Without reserve for both search marketing and client appeal, we recommend a blog component for your website.  This is often a great place to publish videos as well, so those two strategies could go hand in hand for 2011 for serious marketers.