Trends come and go. Some trends last longer while others fade into oblivion. What web design trends are making waves in 2017? If you aren’ t sure, we are here to tell you about the top three web design trends you need to adopt. Here are they are:


1. The GIFS Are in High Demand

In 2017, you will see a surge of GIFS making their way onto websites. GIFS are high quality videos that run smoothly and in a continuous loop. Static pages will no longer appear bland and boring because breathing life into them are GIFs. Full screen GIFs will certainly hold the attention of people for longer than a few seconds.

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2. Stylistic Placement

We have begun incorporating stylistic compositions by placing icons differently on a page. This year, we have seen our industry move away from incorporating rows of perfectly aligned icons in favor of placing them in an eclectic fashion.

For instance, some are overlapping each other and are placed in a slanted fashion on the page. However, depending on your business, this website trend may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we can help you figure out which website trends we should incorporate into your website and which ones we should leave out.


3. Vivid Colors

If you the layout of your site is simple, might we suggest going bold with your color scheme. To add texture and depth to your site, we can add stacked and staggered layers of vivid colors. Users need something that instantly appeals to them. A colorful and vivid site does that immediately.

These are just a few upcoming 2017 website trends and we have many more to share with you! If you are interested in revamping your site, reach out to us! Let us make your site a hit with both existing and future users.