This topic deserves a lot more exploration but when I came across it I knew I needed to post it as a reference for anyone who might see it… this is truly the trick to long term success with a website for a business.  Everything in business needs to be grown organically… before you add a new service, make sure the old ones are nearly perfect and automated.  Before you revise your website, make sure the current one has the information it needs and make sure you don’t undo any of the hard work that went into the first one.

The 4 Phases to National & Local Business Website Success

#1 – Represent Your Company Well – Solid look and feel, simple but quality content

#2 – Be a Sales Machine – Walk through your customers through the buying process

#3 – Generate Leads through Online Marketing – Get position on search engines and get the customers calling you

#4 – Be an Industry Leader – Publish Content and Information that No One Else Has – Be the Company Your Competitors Want To Be Like