Simply put, social media technology could be the most efficient way to reach the most people ever.

When it comes to marketing metrics, nothing beats the statistics that can be mined from website analytics – especially when they are set up right.

The three Social Media Marketing Metric tools that we find are the most useful at the moment are:

– Referring Traffic in Analytics (obviously)

– Conversions from lead forms filled out on landing pages utilized for social media

– Calls generated from social media

The call tracking utilized is actually a call tracking phone number on the website that changes if the visitor came from social media (or sponsored advertising, a tv/radio campaign or from an email blast).  Click here to read more about our dynamic injection call tracking metrics for sponsored advertising.

Another important metric is just simply the number of Facebook Likes, Tweets (mentions) and Google +1’s.  SEO Moz’s Site Explorer can be a good place to view that information.

On top of that the number of social mentions and their bias can be important additionally.  Get alerts for social mentions using Twilert or Google Alerts.

And here is the Infographic we have for you: Social Media Marketing Metrics Infographic!

Questions?  We can’t wait to hear from you!


*** This post was created in response to an article and infographic by Molly Hoffmeister on’s blog that talks about Social Media Marketing Metrics.  It is clear that this industry is still in its infancy although picking up steam fast – mainly in response to the tremendous potential!

**** We really like the breakdown of social metrics to Conversation Rate, Applause Rate & Amplification Rate found here – beautiful!