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You can always solicit us to investigate how you’re search results position is based on the keyword data we used to build your website or our ongoing keyword research analysis – which helps us determine what your clients and prospects are searching for to find companies like yours. This data is the key to our search engine presence campaigns and vital to you staying in front of your clients.

Web 2.0 Marketing BlogSEO Top Ten

Read about Web 2.0 Marketing and how to take advantage of the practical concepts there at our companion blog.  Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed and do a social bookmark for us – thank you!  We think the information we publish there and here will be very beneficial towards you understanding what it is we do to serve you!

Our Web Marketing Blog competes with Top SEO Companies

As you can see from here on our primary web marketing blog, we are using several to expand our coverage.  This is exactly what a SEO Top Ten does, and a savvy move on our part.  Not to give away all the secrets, but SEO isn’t that complicated to begin with!  We are expanding our web marketing blogs, moving our domains each to their own IP’s and making sure to interlink them efficiently, and utilizing current keyword trends to be one of the top SEO companies.  Stay close with our search results blog, SEO Checkup.

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