Our New Referral Payback Program

We just crafted our Referral Payback Program after realizing how appreciative we are of today’s referral…

Dave Nelson – from & Accounting Relief

I have met with Dave Nelson, who is a partner over at Tax & Accounting Relief, multiple times now as we have retained them for some tax & accounting services. He is great to work with, very understanding, dedicated and a true champion of customer service. The service they provide is top-notch, both from the standpoint that they stay in touch with you and work to get goals accomplished, and they have a secure online portal to post documents they need, and view the ones they produce. That effort & tech combined with staying in touch consistently and outperforming expectations has led us to be very happy clients and referral partners.

We are also more than a little happy to have their commitment to future work on their website.

A New Way to Say Thanks!

As our forward thinking way of saying thank you we are dropping your name, linking to your website and posting a mention to our social media accounts – as well as a mention in our email marketing.

Dave Nelson

Tax and Accounting Relief, LLC
6635 N Baltimore, Suite 284
Portland, OR, 97203
Phone: (503)477-9085

Thanks again, Dave!