1191967_money_links_2I received an inquiry online asking me if I had any ‘canned carpet cleaning websites’ …

Yes and No. Templates are a big part of web design, even when you custom create a template for a site, building the framework is great, using an existing framework works well also.

I was requested next to throw some numbers at him for a proposed site, I responded:

It is easier by phone to give an estimate, but if you answer some questions for me we can see where you are at:

Do you have an existing website?

Will you write or outline the content you want on the site?

How many pages do you want on the site?

What is most important to you:

  • Compelling Content
  • Great looking graphics
  • Google Position
  • Low Price

Keep in mind the more you pay, the more you get and also remember this is an investment that will repeatedly pay for itself over time.

A website SHOULD BE your company’s biggest asset (I will be writing an article on this soon), as all marketing avenues lead to your website. When you tell someone your email, they will go to your website. If you run a radio ad you mention your website. Business cards list your website. Etc… so IF YOUR WEBSITE is good, it will generate you business. If it isn’t it won’t generate as much.

The two carpet cleaners I have helped the most dominate Google for their local regions and get MANY jobs from being high in search results – is that what you want?

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