The web, concealed behind advanced functionality and technology, breaks down to written content (copy) as its core. Content is what Google sees and content is what speaks to your clients.

Portland Web Design Copywriting

1105358_internetYour clients have questions that only you can answer – your challenge is to answer them before they ask!  This approach, getting into the mindset of your clients, is a great marketing technique because the readers feel like the content is specific to them which creates a personal connection.  They feel like you can help them.

Light speed information is having the answer to a question as fast you can type it – are you the answer to someone’s question?

Portland Web Content

Northwest eSource is here to help make your Portland websites compelling and captivating – with two goals: generate web leads or prospect calls, and to assist the sale.  With a business focus on your website, streamlined, poignant content is the final touch you need on landing pages and home pages.  Our current copywriting rate of $75 per hour is the best value in Portland Web Design Content Copywriting – beat only by ourselves when you prepay for 10 hours or more the price comes all the way down to $50 per hour.

Compel your clients to read – captivate them to purchase.

For Portland Web Copy – Northwest eSource.