Portland Web Marketing Success Story

carpet-cleaning-portland-oregonOne of our favorite and best clients, George Grijalva, called and talked to me and asked me, “I registered CarpetCleaningVancouverWashington.com, CarpetCleaningPortlandOregon.com and CarpetCleaningPortlandOR.com – is that good?”  YES!

Internet Marketing Using Keyword Domain Websites

If you have read our article on keyword domain websites you know we have had significant success with this, and I was ecstatic.  I had researched those very domains just 6 months ago and they were not available!

George is one of those guys who is HUNGRY for success, and so he came over to the office several evenings in a row to work with me personally and we have 1165446_blog_1one of the sites 90% done and one 60% and the other about 20% – but all three are showing #7 on Google for the search terms in the domain – and this within three days of editing them with content.

Blog Websites – Syndication Makes All The Difference

Blog websites use an RPC ping list (both of those links go to articles on our other blogs with explanations and information) to syndicate to, basically letting certain blog aggregators know that they have new information.  After the ping, they will come crawl, read and redistribute your articles and information (citation needed).

Conclusion – Achieving Solid Search Engine Presence

To see the success we have had for George, search Google for Carpet Cleaning Portland OR, Carpet Cleaning Portland Oregon, or Carpet Cleaning Vancouver Washington and you should see his new sites just under the halfway mark.  As we optimize these and start building links in, they will move up.  Also Google likes to see people click on them, new content, and also see some domain age develop before ranking them higher.

Our favorite new marketing graphics we are using is a clear demonstration of the Local Search Engine Presence we can create with you for your business – check this out: