Your Portland Blog Website Special is here!

1088844_68284876We have exciting news for the companies who are ready to make a move on the web.  You can now have more features with greater upgradeability – at a lower cost!

A Paramount Shift in Web Design

Read how full blog websites for business may be the next generation for web design on our new Web Design Consultation blog which is at the top of Google for ‘Web Design Consultation’.  Add the RSS feed and subscribe by email if you want to be updated with the articles we post on it – which will all be tailored towards those who are planning and those who want to keep some portions in house or even work with other companies for the design portion, but utilize our talent and experience for strategy.  First, here are some more examples of traditional blogs as components of a primary website:

Second, here are full blog websites, just like, the entire site is a WordPress Blog Engine – but most visitors can’t tell!  Even if they could, there really is no drawback.

ad-nwesourceIf Speed is an Issue – The Benefits of  A Blog Website

Blogs can go up relatively fast with good content – of course this depending on your coders and content writers.  We can discuss a rush if this is a priority to you.  With a blog, you aren’t designing a web site from scratch, the coding is implementing changes to the theme you select.  This takes less time depending on the amount of customization you target, and there are other benefits.  The engine itself, WordPress, is an upgradable core component.  So when WordPress gets new features – so do you.  This isn’t automatic, but it isn’t difficult.  On top of that layer, additional functionality is built in through plugins.  A few plugins include Google Analytics, SEO All In One, Smart SEO Links, 5 Star Rating Systems, Threaded Comments, Comment Forms, and so many more… You can see that plugins can include core functionality upgrades and also fun features to set your site apart and make it more interactive.  One more layer of functionality that can be included are called widgets.  Many viral marketing websites produce widgets for use in blog websites and these can also add some diversity and function.

Blog websites are:

  • Fast to build
  • Fully Functional
  • Feature Rich
  • Upgradeable
  • Customizeable
  • Editable (by you!)

The New Year Portland Blog Website Special

We are currently offering a tremendous blog website special – through the end of April. You can utilize any domain and we are recommending in many cases to create a Keyword Domain Websites on the WordPress Blog engine.

Our base price is $1050 which includes:

  • 60 Day Delivery
  • First Year of Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Consultation
  • Strategy Planning
  • Graphic Customization
  • Internal Search Engine Optimization
  • 7 Plugins
  • Content Editing
  • Content Formatting
  • [You write or outline the content]

It’s time to blast off!