A client whose website is in development recently asked:

What is more important the photos or the content? Why?

We had a good time writing the answer and it is relevant to the business website design process so here it is:

Both are important… A car can’t roll without wheels and it’s not safe without a bumper… :-)

Photos and content are both going to personalize the experience so you aren’t just another competitor in the mix…

The most appealing things with content are if it reads to them like:

  1. You know their problems
  2. You can solve their problems
  3. You care
  4. You’re competitive &
  5. Others have had a good experience with you

Thinking back to your content I think those bases are getting covered pretty well…

Photos, in our opinion, always have the potential of striking people with a good, subtle impression and feeling – an intuitive response if we’re lucky that says this is the company!

Great photos, angles and expressions will say UNIQUE, HUNGRY & CARES about their image being presented

Business branding through your website is absolutely vital to good, fun business – our specialty!

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