Thank you for taking time to look at our internet marketing services.

We take what we do very seriously.  A lot of people have a misconception about web design, that when you get a web site built it includes marketing – unforunately this is not exactly true.  While websites can be built with SEO and marketing in mind and may even be optimized for less competitive search terms, once a website is built that is when the marketing fun begins!

For the services we resell (,, keep in mind we have negotiated to get you better rates – and we will interface with these companies to save you time and to hold that company accountable in their advertising effectiveness.

Here is a list of the internet marketing services we provide: 

Directory Site Listing Service – $350 One-Time

  • We list your company in the “internet phone books” – Google Maps, Yahoo! Local,,,,, more…
  • This brings inbound links (good for SEO) and
  • Allows clients to find you in these directory websites and potentially on Google

Keyword Domain Website – $600+ One Time

  • This is a second website to complement your first
  • Search Engine Optimization: Keyword domains make a large impact on search algorithms
  • Google Search for Portland lawn service – #1 Organic Listing
  • Landing page, marketing website – advertise your specials here.
  • Utilize this site theme, graphics and text on communities like Craigslist for additional exposure

 Google Search Engine Placement – $3600+ ($300+ monthly)

  • Advertising at the top of Google for relevant keywords
  • Very direct advertising as the majority of potential clients start their search on Google
  • Local Campaigns by metro region, distance from address or zip code
  • National Campaigns

Craigslist and Willamette Weekly Advertising – $2400 Annual ($1-200 Monthly)

  • Ads placed daily on two websites that provide good inbound linking for optimization
  • Targeted advertising in community based sites (like Angie’s List)
  • If you have received calls from your website, these are most likely how they came to it.
  • This tends to generate considerable amounts of traffic to your site

Search Engine Optimization – $VARIES based on Competition Analysis on keyword phrases desired and current web site status. First page of Google (organic results) guaranteed.

–       Utilize industry leading software to determine current ranking on all major search engines
–       Utilize industry leading software to determine exactly what SEO formula your competitors are using
–       Optimize page content – titles, meta tags, headings, text and more
–       Create and optimize inbound links to generate traffic and ‘authority’ with search engines
–       Beat your competitors Custom Profile, Marketing and Search Engine Marketing– $1200 Annual ($100 Monthly)

  • Custom Profile on
  • Your Citysearch is advertised on Citysearch search results and also on your competitor’s profiles!
  • Search Engine Marketing by Citysearch internal team get syou traffic on Google, Yahoo and content networks – Locally or Nationally
  • Generates traffic to your site
  • Higher demographic community than other sites
  • Reach 405K Portland Metro, 16 million monthly users nationally – $450 Annual

  • Custom Profile Listing on 90 City Directories (All of Portland Metro, all
  • Search Engine Listings – a search for Painters in Any City (Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro, etc.)will likely bring your MagicYellow listing to the top of Google
  • 90 Inbound links to website (good for Search Engine Optimization) – Usually $4800 or more annually ($400+ monthly) – Price varies by market and category

  • Industry Leader in internet traffic
  • Tile Ads, Priority Local Listing or Platinum/Gold/Silver Listings
  • NWeSource clients receive FREE Call Tracking Phone Number for metrics ($2200+ Annual Value)
  • NWeSource clients may receive free Red Bold listing ($660+ Annual Value)
  • NWeSource clients may receive free Online Print Ad ($1000+ Annual Value)