networking-is-not-sellingI Take The Lead is an effective networking leads group organization and Networking Is Not Selling is Becky Tengwall’s, one of the founders, latest blog.  After utilizing a Blogspot address for some time ( Becky decided she didn’t want to rely on Google to make sure her business blog website is up to date and safe – as it is free they offer no warranty to its uptime or backup of its content.  And what if they decide to get out of the free blog business?  Becky’s blog would go away.  Needless to say we took care of her, custom header, Google Analytics, Feedburner, CommentLuv, 2 Posts and now we will be training her on the latest WordPress.  I fully anticipate her gratitude and she has scheduled me to speak at the Tigard Business to Business noon group this week so that should be more than exciting and fun.