Looking for some Joomla, Drupal & WordPress Usage Stats?

If use as a search term is a good indicator of a CMS’ popularity – then it’s WordPress for the win.

The WordPress Takeover

You can see in the first chart how all three of the majors were on the come-up through the first half of 2009 – but that’s where WordPress took over.  Look a little further because this chart does not show how steep of a decline Joomla and Drupal suffered.

If this was a stock chart, you could hope for another push north – but I wouldn’t count on it now.

While there is no immediate emergency that we know of where Drupal or Joomla are about to fail, but if your site is one of those two you may want to consider a WordPress conversion sometime in the next few years.


And here it is – the steady rise of WordPress…


Just in case you want some real statistics, we took a screen shot of a great article at ArtDriver.com for you with some real meat – we just wanted to play with Google Trends a little bit… :-)


WordPress & NWeSource clientele – you made the right choice :) …