Ongoing SEO Management & Analysis

Ongoing SEO Management & Analysis

NWeSource SEO Management is a basic but nearly mandatory minimum monthly service that companies utilize to monitor their relationship with the search engines, as well as receive top level recommendations monthly & quarterly.  It encompasses basic necessities and threat prevention that many providers neglect like crawl errors, sitemaps and broken links, as well as providing imperative standard SEO services like rank tracking. Then we take a step further and look at the traffic and conversions that are accompanying those ranks so we know what is really working on a keyword level.  The primary focus is on successful SEO; this service lays the foundation for preventing issues and measuring success.

Initially, monthly and quarterly you will see very specifically:

  1. Alerts & Recommendations for SEO and Security Issues
  2. Keywords you are ranking for & keyword targets
  3. Keywords that are bringing in traffic & keywords that are converting
  4. Inbound Links, AdWords & Social Media Activity


And that is just the beginning…

SEO Management & Analysis Service Processes

Our SEO Management & Analysis Service is three portions of service: initial, monthly and quarterly services.  The initial services help us understand where we are at on your website with an inspection and initial recommendations, then include the NWeSource SEO software setup for ongoing tracking and reporting.  Monthly services include analysis, updates, recommendations and reporting.  Our quarterly services help us investigate your success, account for implementations, check for issues and make additional recommendations.

Initial Services:

  1. Marketing Gmail Signup, Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools & AdWords Setup *
  2. NWeSource One Login SEO Software Configuration & Reporting
  3. Initial Detailed Website SEO Inspection
  4. Initial Error Discovery and Threat Detection Analysis
  5. Initial Website SEO Recommendations

Monthly Service

  1. SEO Software Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  2. Keyword Conversion Analysis – What Keywords are Paying You
  3. Content Recommendations to Improve Rankings
  4. SEO Plugin Updates & Optimization

Quarterly Services

  1. Quarterly Error Discovery and Threat Detection
  2. Quarterly Detailed Website SEO Inspection
  3. Quarterly Website SEO Recommendations
  4. Quarterly Search Engine Algorithm Analysis & Planning Report

Quarterly Search Engine Algorithm Awareness & SEO Planning Report

SEO is evolving, are you able to keep up with what the search engines are looking for each month?  A couple of the most recent algorithm updates include Social Media behavior, and also differentiating between page (un-dated, anchor content) and post content (dated, freshness bonus).

  1. Did, should or will any of Google’s recent updates affect my website?
  2. List additional technical SEO steps that can be taken to improve ranking

Possible Additions / Upgrades:

Our SEO Management service can easily be complimented with:
  • Broken Link Checker – Daily Updates
  • Brand Alerts – Search Engine Monitoring for Your Brand – Reviews, blogs, more
  • Social Alerts – Social Media Monitoring for Your Brand