Sucuri & Akismet are two of the plugins we use consistently to protect our websites from invasion, among other things.  Another important step is to never use Admin as your username.  However, hacker attacks will always continue to get more sophisticated and recently they have taken the steps of working to discover your username.  Once they have your username it is that much easier to guess the password through brute force, so by preventing them from discovering your username you really take them out of the game almost completely.

The most common place they will discover your username is on your blog posts, in the author link.  When you mouse over the Author Name on a blog post, the URL below shows your actual Username – as does clicking the name as it takes you to the author page.

The WP Author Slug plugin converts your author URL from your username to your publicly visible name instead, so that hackers are not able to determine your real username. Just by installing and activating the plugin, your username is concealed in the URL link and in the page itself.  It also is completely removed from the source code of that page – and that is how you hide your username from hackers.

Just another simple security trick from NW eSource…